Each summer Highland Lakes relies on the service of God called student volunteers to serve in a wide variety areas.

These areas include, but are not limited to:

Helping serve meals
Cleaning cabins, dorms, and other buildings between camps
Helping in leadership role as needed by individual camps
Paint and general maintenance
Unstopping toilets
Supervise camp elements: Lake, Pool, Giant Swing, Challenge Course, Archery Tag, Etc.
Grounds maintenance: Grass Cutting, Weed Eating, Pick up Trash & Sticks, Etc.
Invest in the lives of campers as the Lord allows to help them grow in the walk with Christ.
Use your God given talents to serve the Lord: Piano, Guitar, Bagpipes, Kazoo, Etc.

The camp season for Summer Missionaries will begin the day after Memorial Day with Training and Introduction to the camp. The season will end July 31st. Your service to the Lord at Highland Lakes will include room and board, meals and a stipend at the end of the season.

Student Missionaries will be expected to attend one of the SBC churches in the area and be involved as time allows in the ministries of that church while they are here.

This will be 10 of the hardest, most rewarding weeks of your life and I believe the Lord will bless you for your service to Him.

Please fill out the Student Missionary Form and submit and someone on our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank You for considering Highland Lakes for your missionary service.

1591 W Highland Lakes Baptist Camp
Martinsville, IN 46151