Pure Girl

Pure Girl

"David danced before the Lord with all his might." 2 Samuel 6:14

March 14-15, 2014


Highland Lakes Baptist Camp


$45 Early Registration if received by February 19; $60 after February 19.


Girls ages 8-12 and their mother, aunt, grandma, or mentor**


Girls (ages 8-12) and their moms, grandmas or mentors will hear about living a life completely abandoned to
God because He is Wild about Us!  They will have a pajama party, talk about the importance of modesty, and
worship together during this weekend of fun and drawing closer to the God who loves us!


An adult who is not the parent or legal guardian of the child she accompanies, must bring a written permission
slip from the child's parent or guardian.

Speaker: Page Hughes

Page Hughes

Page Hughes is a much sought after motivational speaker with a deep passion for women.  Many have described
Page as "a party waiting for a place to happen."  Her book Party With a Purpose teaches how to party with the
purpose of leading others to Jesus.  Page called it hospitality evangelism.  Les and Page's family is also very involved
in ministry.  Their two oldest children are young pastors.  Their daughter will be serving in Africa with AIDS orphans
over the next year. All of the family is involved in mission work both at home in the United States and internally in
Mexico, Brazil, Belize, Haiti, Cuba and Swaziland Africa.  Page's goal in life is to "go to heaven when she dies and
to take as many people with her as she possibly can."

Worship Led By: Mindy Whidden



Friday Night

6:00     Registration

7:00     Worship

8:30     PJ fashion show (For all Moms and Girls, optional)

9:00     Spa Party



7:30     Breakfast

8:30     Worship –  15 min music

9:30     Women/Girl Breakouts

10:25   Breakout 1

11:05   Breakout 2

11:45   Breakout 3/Lunch A

12:25   Breakout 3/Lunch B

1:05     Breakout 4

1:45     Game/Door Prizes

2:00     Closing Worship and Fashion Show




Sarah Bohrer or Sarah Wickersham