What to Bring to Camp
What NOT to Bring to Camp
1. Bed Linens (pillow, sheets, light blanket, or a sleeping bag)

2. Towels (showers and pool)

3. Washcloths/loofahs.

4. Personal Care Items (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, soap, etc.)

5. Swim Wear: (you WILL get wet during certain camp activities like the Blob, Slide, Pool, Canoes, etc. also, we request one piece bathing suits on ladies and no Speedo-type swimwear for men)

6. Sneakers and sandals: lots of activities require close-toed shoes and others require sandals/flip-flops. Bring both and you’ll have something to wear when one gets wet

7. Your Best Friends

8. Your BIBLE, the most essential item for Camp.You will also need a notebook and pen

9. Sunscreen & Bug repellent

10. Water Bottle
11. Flashlight
12. Any medication that you are currently taking. The Nurse needs it and that means not to pack in your bag. Have medication out and available to hand to nurse upon arrival.

13. Baseball glove, football, and Frisbee (if preferred for free time activities)

14. Spending money for the Gift Shop and Mission Offerings.

15. Clothes: bring some clothes that can get VERY dirty/ruined. Camp activities are messy by nature and always bring extra clothes for when you get dirty/wet. Also, don’t forget Pajamas and maybe a light jacket, hoodie, or raincoat. Indiana weather is unpredictable!

16. Certain camps require different items such as amps, instruments, drumsticks, etc.

17. Look over student information for each camp and plan accordingly.
1. Firearms, knives, or weapons of any kind

2. Alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, or non-prescription medications

3. Fireworks

4. Water guns

5. Electronics: radios, iPods, CD players, portable gaming devices, and cell phones.

6. Skateboards, roller-skates/roller-blades, or skate shoes like Heelys

7. Tank tops, short shorts, offensive t-shirts that do not reflect the Christian Message, clothing that exposes midriffs, bikinis, or cut-off shirts of any kind (underwear must not be showing in any clothing as well)

Phone: 317-481-2400 ext 200
1591 W Highland Lakes Baptist Camp
Martinsville, IN 46151