All Aboard

  1. To promote teamwork as guests step onto the to element one by one helping the teammate coming behind them onto the board
  2. Guests are to complete a human chain around the entire board and ideally meet the last person coming “Aboard”
  3. The main objective is the team works together in order to get their entire team “Aboard”
  4. A variation of this element is 2 guests climb aboard on opposite sides of the element and use a provided, accurately sized rope to help each balance to walk around the entire element
  1. Ensure rope is in the bucket
  2. Inspect for any damage from mowers or weed eaters
  3. Remove any debris that has fallen on or around element
  4. Inspect anchor stakes around perimeter of frame to insure they are secure
  1. Listen to staff instructions
  2. Shoes must be worn while playing
  3. Help the person in front and behind you
  4. Be encouragers to those who may be struggling
  5. Work together as a team to complete the element
  6. Bystanders will act as spotters
  1. How well were instructions given?
  2. Did the staff seem confident and comfortable giving instruction?
  3. Was the course clear of debris and obstacles?
  4. Were element rules enforced as needed?
  5. Was element inspected properly?
  6. Were any issued reported too maintenance personnel?
1591 W Highland Lakes Baptist Camp
Martinsville, IN 46151