Bouldering Wall

  1. To use the handholds to move guests from one end of the wall to the other
  2. To help build confidence in guests as we encourage them during their climb
  3. Team competition as teams race against each other
  4. Team work as team members spot for their member who is climbing
  1. Staff inspect the wall prior to guest use
  2. Remove any debris that has fallen on the course
  3. Check handholds for tightness, wear or any broken holds
  4. Check top of wall for wasp nests, or other critters
  5. 4.Check for splinters in the wall
  6. Climb through the the course at least one time on each side
  2. Limit climbers to 3 on each side at a time
  3. Be encouragers to those who are struggling
  4. Climb in the order you started
  5. Listen for staff instruction
  6. Spectators will act as spotters for climbers
  7. Shoes must be worn while bouldering
  1. How well were instructions given?
  2. Did the staff seem confident and comfortable giving instruction?
  3. Was the course clear of debris and obstacles?
  4. Were element rules enforced as needed?
  5. Was element inspected properly?
  6. Were any issued reported too maintenance personnel?
  7. Did staff observe proper spotting and climbing actions?
1591 W Highland Lakes Baptist Camp
Martinsville, IN 46151