COVID-19 Highland Lakes-21: We Win!

The world is different now than it has been. We have all had to learn new techniques, new practices, new skills. We have had to think outside the box (at least think outside the home!), outside the status quo, outside the traditional “way things have always been.” We have a new adventure ahead of us, a new set of challenges and solutions. The only thing that remains the same is the love and direction of Jesus Christ; and He has said, “Behold! I make all things new!” (emphasis mine).

With that thought in mind, we, the team here at Highland Lakes, have had to make some hard choices and decisions. The Highland Lakes Team has been considering our options. We could modify our summer camp schedule, pushing things into July and using June as a time to try to navigate the (as of right now) unknown stipulations and restrictions that will be suggested by the health officials of the state and nation; we could try to make camp as enjoyable as possible while adhering to social distancing and numerical group constraints; we could try to incorporate new policies and procedures that would probably need tweaked on a weekly if not daily basis. In short, we could try to make this year’s camp experience as pleasurable as possible; but we all know it would be lacking in so many ways. The safety of our campers and staff is a huge concern for us; not knowing how to accommodate and be proactive is of great concern.

Instead, we have made the hard decision to forego the summer camp season. Although we plan to be ready for the fall Retreat Season, summer camps will not go forward this year. It is a disappointment, but we want to do things “excellently”, not in a patch work frenzy. So, we are looking forward to the “Season of ‘21”—and we are going to have things ramped up and ready. We will have progressed with the Indoor Activity Center; we will have more “greenspace” and open areas, for “socially distancing together”; we will have policies and procedures in place that will help insure that the atmosphere remains as safe and pleasing as can be. Not risk free—there is always a risk in going outside and living life. But we intend to Live Life to the Fullest—the Highland Lakes way—Coram Deo!

The camp you come back to next year will have subtle, yet necessary changes. We will learn to do things differently, more effectively, and more substantially. We are dedicated to making certain that Highland Lakes remains the place where you can Discover, Develop, and Deploy a Transformed Life in Christ!

So from Director of Operations Rick Porter, Office Manager Sarah Wickersham, Maintenance Guru Craig Kratzer, Food Service Director Linda Collier, and myself-Team Leader Jim Shields-be ready for ’21…because

Covid 19 –  Highland Lakes 21…….We Win.

Thank you,
Jim Shields
Team Leader/Development

1591 W Highland Lakes Baptist Camp
Martinsville, IN 46151