Cross Walk

  1. Starting at either end of the cross, guests are asked to walk along the bottom rope while using the upper road for balance and climb to the middle where the two ropes intersect
  2. Once at the intersections the climber attempts to step over the intersecting ropes and using the same actions climbs back down to the end of the rope
  1. Inspect rope for any fraying, breaks, or damage
  2. Remove any debris that has fallen on or around the element
  3. Check eye bolts that are anchoring the ropes for damage
  1. Shoes must be worn while using this element
  2. Only one person at a time on the element
  3. By-standers will act as spotters. Proper spotting will have the spotter:
    • Standing behind the person on the rope with their arms crossed over their chest willing and able o stop the climber from falling to the ground
    • Be encouragers to those who may be struggling
  1. How well were instructions given?
  2. Did the staff seem confident and comfortable giving instruction?
  3. Was the course clear of debris and obstacles?
  4. Were element rules enforced as needed?
  5. Was element inspected properly?
  6. Were any issued reported too maintenance personnel?
1591 W Highland Lakes Baptist Camp
Martinsville, IN 46151