Spyder Web

  1. Each team tries to pass their entire team through the spiders web without touching the web
  1. Staff will inspect rope (web) for breaks, wear and damage
  2. Remove any debris that has fallen on or around the element
  3. Check condition of all anchor points and eye bolts holding the web
  4. Remove any cobwebs or debris from the web
  5. Report any issues to maintenance personnel
  1. Person being passed through the web can not touch the web
  2. If web is touched the team must start over with that same person
  3. Holes in the web can only be used one time
  4. The head of the person being passed through the web must stay above the level of their feet
  5. Be encouragers to those who may be struggling
  1. How well were instructions given?
  2. Did the staff seem confident and comfortable giving instruction?
  3. Was the course clear of debris and obstacles?
  4. Were element rules enforced as needed?
  5. Was element inspected properly?
  6. Were any issued reported too maintenance personnel?
1591 W Highland Lakes Baptist Camp
Martinsville, IN 46151