The Prodigal

  1. Teams up to 6 members attempt to use the ropes attached to the “ring” and place the “ring” over each of the 5 “fingers”
  1. Check ropes for fraying
  2. Remove any debris that has fallen on or around the element
  3. Report any repair issues to maintenance personnel
  1. Don’t remove ropes from the “ring”
  2. Use caution when pulling on the ropes as to not pull another team mate over
  3. Added instruction can include:
    • Not touching the “finger” with the “ring”
    • Reduce number of team members holding the ropes
    • Balancing the “ring” on the top of the finger
  1. How well were instructions given?
  2. Did staff seem confident and comfortable giving instruction?
  3. Was course clear of debris and obstacles?
  4. Was element inspected properly?
  5. Were any issues reported to maintenance personnel?
1591 W Highland Lakes Baptist Camp
Martinsville, IN 46151